Semi Bottle Blowing Machine

The semi-automatic bottle-blowing machine can blow plastic bottles such as water, oil, juice, carbonated beverages, etc. One oven is matched with one or two blow molding machines. The semi-automatic PET blow molding machine is small in size, high in production efficiency, and energy-saving. The semi-automatic stretch blow molding machine is also suitable for blowing plastic bottles of various raw materials in large quantities.

Description of features:

Semi-auto blow molding machine designed with CE standards. The microcomputer control system is adopted to control the required technical parameters more accurately and stably. Easier and safer to operate with only one person without special training. The blow molding machine is suitable for blowing carbonated beverage bottles, mineral water bottles, cosmetic bottles, hot filling bottles, especially oil bottles with handles. Double-crank mold adjustment, heavy-duty mold locking, stable and fast, and infrared oven heating. Perform a swirl and heat evenly. The air system is divided into two parts, the pneumatic action part and the bottle blowing part, to meet the different requirements of the action and bottle blowing. It can provide sufficient and stable high pressure for blowing large shaped bottles.