3 in 1 Filling Machine 18 Heads

This set of water filling machine is suitable for PET bottles, PE bottles, glass bottles, aluminum bottles and other bottle materials and various shapes. Bottle sizes ranging from 200ml to 2000ml can be accommodated with little to no equipment configuration changes. Different models can meet different output requirements from 1000 bottles/hour to 24000 bottles/hour.

Description of features:

This model of drinking water bottling equipment is designed for low to medium-capacity and small factories. Considering the customer from the very beginning, the relevant procurement cost is low, the water and electricity consumption is small, and the land occupation is small.
At the same time, it can perfectly complete cleaning, filling, capping and other operations. Improved hygiene and simplified maintenance operations compared to previous generation water filling machines. The automatic liquid bottle packaging machine adopts advanced Mitsubishi PLC control operation and cooperates with the frequency conversion speed regulation of the main motor to make the operation more stable and reliable. The use of photoelectric sensors can detect the operation of each section, making the equipment highly automated and easy to operate.