3 in 1 Filling Machine 24 Heads

The automatic liquid filling machine integrates bottle rinsing, filling and capping, and is specially designed for PET bottle filling. Stable performance, advanced technology, beautiful appearance and complete functions.

Description of features:

Rinsing part

Rotary washing machine: suitable for washing wine, beverages, and water. The new bottle is conveyed by the clamp and turning device through the separation screw and star wheel; the bottle neck is lifted up, and after being rinsed with sterile water, the bottle neck rises and is conveyed to another process. The flushing contact part and outer cover are made of stainless steel.

Filling part

Using German technology, using the principle of isobaric filling design, to achieve bottle filling after cleaning. The equal pressure mechanical valve is adopted, the filling speed is fast, and the filling level accuracy is high.

Capping part

The sorted caps are placed on the filled bottles before being conveyed to the next step. The capping machine rotates through the reducer, and the cap leaves the hopper under the action of centrifugal force. The exit is equipped with a cap-turning device. When the cap-turning arrives, the direction is changed. The amount of cap is controlled by a photoelectric switch to ensure the effect of the cloak falling.