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E-ONE Machinery’s expertise in liquid packaging guarantees the perfect combination  of process design and complete line engineering. Established a process design system  in different liquid packaging fields such as beverages, dairy products,  wines,  condiments and daily chemicals, according to different packaging forms and specific  factory layout, can provide turnkey solutions tailored for your project.

Our Machines

With years of development, E-ONE Machinery now has a mature production process, sophisticated and meticulous marketing staff, and hard-working technical teams, and has owned a full range of beverage machinery products. The company successfully founded E-ONE  Machinery and has much experience in the production process of beverage products and production equipment.

E-ONE Machinery’s main products include complete production lines for mineral water, pure water, soft drinks, fruit juices, tea drinks, and water treatment equipment. We always pay great attention to the quality of our products, and each machine is recorded in the product file for quick retrieval by a computer. Therefore, our after-sales service is very fast and clear. At the same time, we have an experienced pre-sales and after-  sales service team to provide customers with timely design, manufacture, installation and commissioning, after-sales service, technical training and other Turnkey Projects for beverage engineering projects.

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To be a trusted partner within our customers’ businesses.

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African leading supplier of Liquid Packaging solutions.

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Advanced technology
Scientific management
Good quality product
Fast and thoughtful after-sales services

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