Blow Molding Machine

There is not much difference in quality, but the bottle blown out by the fully automatic machine is slightly better than the semi-automatic, mainly due to factors such as temperature control, timely program analysis, and fast action transmission.

Fully automatic bottle blowing machine

High price, high output, labor-saving, and requires good technical personnel to maintain. The automatic efficiency is high, and the quality is usually relatively stable because there is no influence of the operator.

Semi-automatic bottle-blowing machine

Small investment, easy operation, simple maintenance, low output, and high labor intensity.

The quality of the blown bottles is the same, the difference lies in the operation process, the operation of the semi-automatic bottle-blowing machine is more, it needs to be watched by people, and can be adjusted at any time, the efficiency of the automatic bottle blowing machine is high, it is just copying.

Working principle of bottle-blowing machine